Are you worried about someone in your life who was previously independent but now requires help with daily tasks or who needs more specialised care and attention?Read
After careful consideration, you and your elderly loved one may decide that remaining in their own home is no longer a suitable option. It may feel safer and more practical to consider moving out of the family home and entering residential care, where assistance and support is continuously available.Read
For older persons who have chosen to continue living in their own home rather than enter residential care, maintaining a sense of independence is a huge priority. Likewise, for those in residential care it may be important for them to feel they have choice and influence over the type and amount of support they receive.Read
If your loved one has more serious limitations or needs which require more specialized care and support you may feel additional pressure and worry at the prospect of providing the care they need.Read
As someone caring for an elderly, disabled or ill family member, it’s important that you know of the organisations which can help you provide the best possible care for your loved one.Read
When caring for people we love, we often forget our own needs. We are so busy balancing different areas of our lives and also caring for a loved one that accepting help and support for ourselves is often the last priority.Read
Do you often feel reluctant to speak to people about your difficulties in caring for a loved one because you feel they won’t understand?Read