For older persons who have chosen to continue living in their own home rather than enter residential care, maintaining a sense of independence is a huge priority. Likewise, for those in residential care it may be important for them to feel they have choice and influence over the type and amount of support they receive. That can be difficult, however, if the right kind of support and facilities are not available. Older people and their loved ones need to know that getting out and about is not too difficult, that they have someone to turn to when feeling unsafe or insecure, and that support and services are available to prevent the elderly feeling isolated and lonely. This allows previously independent and active people to maintain a sense of control over their lives and choose the support they feel would suit them most. For the families and friends of someone elderly, knowing that your loved one has this kind of support when you’re not available can make a huge difference and reduce any feelings of guilt and worry which may creep up.


Below you will find a description of the different types of assistance available at a national level for older persons.


Kartanzjan is a card which is issued automatically by the Electoral Office to every person upon their 60th birthday, if that person is a holder of a Maltese Identity Card in terms of the Identity Card Act (Cap.258).  This Card entitles its holder to obtain certain rebates and concessions.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant holds a Maltese Identity Card
  • Has reached their 60th birthday.


There are no application forms or application fees to obtain the Kartanzjan since the Electoral Office automatically issues the card. Its holder may then collect the Kartanzjan from the office of the Local Council of the town or village where they reside.

Fees: No administrative fees are incurred for this service.

Back Office Process:

Once a person reaches their 60th birthday, the Electoral Office issues the Kartanzjan. This is sent to the Local Council office of the area in which the cardholder resides. The cardholder, then, can personally collect the Kartanzjan from this office.

Day Centres

The purpose of the Day Centre service is to help prevent social isolation and the feeling of loneliness, and to reduce the social interaction difficulties which older persons tend to encounter. It also aims to motivate the elderly by encouraging them to participate in the planning of day centre activities. Day centres also provide respite for their relatives and carers.


Day Centres are now being transformed into Lifelong Learning Hubs, a number of informal educational sessions are being introduced in several centres to offer a more interesting and stimulating program.


Eligibility Criteria:

Persons over 60 years old may apply, but other cases may be considered on their own merits priority is given to those elderly persons who are living alone, are not engaged in any social activities and who could be at risk when spending long hours on their own.



The person who fulfils the eligibility criteria to benefit from this service must fill in the prescribed application form and consent form, which can also be obtained from the local councils, from the day centres themselves, from The Elderly & Community Care Department, Centru Servizz Anzjan or it can be sent to the applicant by post. A medical certificate or a social report needs to be drawn up by the social work unit. This is only needed if the person is under 60 and considered to be a social or special case.


A person attending the day centre is required to pay a nominal fee, which ranges from €2.33 to €5.82, a month depending on how many times they attend the centre.

Back Office Process:

The application form and statement of consent are sent to the respective day centre. The Officer in charge of the day centre concerned will phone the applicant within a week of submission of the application. No assessment process is carried out. All day centres are monitored continuously.


Following is a list of Day Centres (in alphabetical order) 


Address: Ċentru Ċiviku, Triq Tumas Fenech, Birkirkara. BKR 2526

Contact: +356 2148 2328​



Address: Triq Birżebbuġia, Birżebbuġia​. BBĠ 1507

Contact: +356 2165 8608​



Address: Pjazza Santa Margherita,, Bormla. BML 1201

Contact: +356 2166 4777



Address: Triq il-Parroċċa, Dingli. DGL 1032​

Contact: +356 2145 3479​



Address: Tr iq Villambrosa, Ħamrun. ĦMR 1123​

Contact: +356 2122 1675​



Address: C/O Kunsill Lokali 31, Triq San Benedittu, Kirkop. KKP 1243​

Contact: +356 2164 0948



Address: Triq l-Ġdida, Luqa. LQA 15

Contact: +356 2167 8132



Address: 390, Kunsill Lokali, Triq il-Vitorja, Qormi. QRM 2504​

Contact: +356 2144 0995



Address: il-Wied, Mellieħa. MLĦ 1252

Contact: +356 2152 4245​



Address: c/0 Kunsill Lokali 22, Triq Sir Harry Luke, Mġarr. MĠR 1501​

Contact: +356 2157 1424​



Address: Kunsill Lokali, Msida. MSD 9090​

Contact: +356 2132 4451​



Address: Triq il-Kurat Schembri, Mosta. MST 1175

Contact: +356 21418197​



Address: Triq l-Anzjani, Mtarfa. MTF 1510​

Contact: +356 2145 3771​



Address: Ċentru Ċiviku, Vjal il-21 ta’ Settembru, Naxxar. NXR 1018

Contact: +356 2142 4447​



Address: Dar il-Kunsill, Triq l-Iskola, Safi. SFI 1404​

Contact: +356 2164 7057​


St. Paul’s Bay

Address: Kunsill Lokali, Triq San Pawl, San Pawl il-Baħar. SPB 3411

Contact: +356 2158 4746​



Address: Ċentru Ċiviku 18, Pjazza San Nikola, Siġgiewi

Contact: +356 21460715



Address: 119, Triq Santa Maria, Sliema. SLM 1107

Contact: +356 2134 5650​


St Venera

Address: 53 Triq il- -Karmelitani, Santa Venera. SVR 1725

Contact: +356 2147 2111



Address: Triq San Tumas, Żejtun. ŻTN 4023​

Contact: +356 2180 5847



Address: Triq l-Imqabba, Żurrieq. ŻRQ 1079​

Contact: +356 2164 0237


Further information on Day Centres can be found on clicking the following link:

Handyman Service

The Handyman Service offers a range of around seventy repair jobs that vary from electricity repairs to plumbing, carpentry and transport of items.  The objective of this service is to help older adults and persons with special needs to continue living as independently as possible in their own home.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • All senior citizens.
  • Those holding a Pink form issued by the Department of Social Security are entitled to this service free of charge, while those not holding a pink form can receive this service against a payment.
  • Persons who hold the Special Identity Card issued by the National Commission for Disabled Persons.
  • Adult Training Centres, Homes (excluding St Vincent De Paule) and Day Centres.



The person who fulfils the eligibility criteria to benefit from this service can phone up directly the Handyman Service. Documents required are an Identity Card or Over 60 (Kartanzjan), or Special ID Card or the Pink Form.


Application Forms:



Is rendered free of charge to senior citizens holding the Pink Form and Special ID Card. Non-Pink Cardholders, on the other hand, are entitled to receive this service at a nominal fee. Rates vary according to the job required. Upon completion of the job the service user pays the handyman who performed the task. The latter issues a temporary receipt and an official receipt is subsequently issued from the Department for the Elderly and Community Care.

Both Pink Cardholders and Non-Pink Cardholders are required to provide the necessary materials at their own cost.


Back Office Process:

The Handyman Centre receives application for this service. Details of the service required are then forwarded to the foreman who, after making the appointments with the service users, distributes the work amongst the handymen. Priority is given to emergency cases. Usually a job is carried out within five days of application. All details are kept on a computer system and the number of times a service is provided to an individual is also recorded. Upon completion of the work, the service user must sign a sheet indicating whether the work was done satisfactorily, or whether it was not done at all. If the service user is not satisfied the job must be done again. Any complaints are dealt with directly by the Department.


Further information can be found on the following link of the Parliamentary Secretariat for Rights Of Persons With Disability And Active Ageing:



Department for the Elderly and Community Care
Ċentru Ħidma Soċjali,  469, St Joseph High Road
Santa Venera

Telephone: +356 21242725/6
Fax: +356 2278 8441

Other Services

Fondazzjoni Hajja Independenti

The Fondazzjoni Hajja Indipendenti has its aims to promote, enable and provide for the independent living in the community of persons with a physical disability.

Such aims are to be achieved by provision of:

  • Suitable accommodation as an alternative to institutionalisation.
  • Care and shelter in an atmosphere that ensures that each resident is in the environment that meets his/her particular needs.
  • An atmosphere which promotes social integration.
  • Support and training.

The Foundation Traspost Ghall-Hajja Indipendenti was set up as joint venture between the Fondazzjoni Hajja Indipendenti and Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b’Dizibilita. It’s major aim is to work in order to make transport accessible to all including persons with disability.

Fondazzjoni Hajja Independenti
Balzan Valley

Balzan BZN 08

Telephone: +356 21442638
Fax: +356 21442693


Caritas Malta 

Provides services in the following areas:

  • Family Support Unit,
  • Elderly Unit,
  • Awareness Programme in Schools,
  • Independent Living Advice Centre,
  • Drug Prevention,
  • Rehabilitation programme,
  • Community Outreach,
  • Support to Self-Help Groups,
  • Emergency Aid and Various Publications.


The aims are:

  1. To be aware of and understand existing social problems and needs;
  2. To bring conscience to the Christian Community, the social problems and needs with the aim to animate it to take up responsible action.
  3. To strengthen, co-ordinate and develop appropriate volunteer socio-pastoral action with people in difficulty.
  4. To regularly evaluate all Caritas programmes which are implemented at the Central and Local levels.



Caritas Malta

5, Triq l-Iljun

Floriana FRN 1514


Telephone: +356 2590 6600