After careful consideration, you and your elderly loved one may decide that remaining in their own home is no longer a suitable option. It may feel safer and more practical to consider moving out of the family home and entering residential care, where assistance and support is continuously available. Once this decision has been made, the next step is to decide on the most suitable type of residential care for your loved one. This will involve weighing up personal, practical and financial aspects and then choosing the most viable alternative.


Below you will find primarily information on the four types of Residential care:

  • Government Homes,
  • Public-Private Homes,
  • Private Homes and
  • Church Homes.

Government Homes

Provide residential care consisting of a physically and emotionally safe and secure environment to elderly persons and persons with disability, who can no longer cope with living in their own homes.

The bedrooms in these residential homes are equipped with an en-suite bathroom and kitchenette. They also have a Nurse Call system in case of emergencies. Other facilities include air-conditioning, central heating, and telephones in each room for incoming and internal calls, card phone facilities, communal dining rooms, communal T.V./living rooms and a chapel.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant must be 60 years of age.
  • Applicant under 60 years of age must be certified suffering from some form of disability.



The person who fulfils the eligibility criteria to benefit from this service must fill a prescribed application form. Part of the form must be filled in by a Medical Doctor. This form can be obtained either from the Department for the Elderly and Community Care, from the Local Councils offices or when necessary, it can be sent to the applicant by post.


Application forms in both, English or Maltese can be found on the following links:





A new regulation L. N. 259/2004 came into force with effect from 3rd January 2004 regarding the State Financed Residential Services.


With effect from that date, any service user who becomes a resident of such residential service on or after the coming into force of these regulations and who is receiving level 1 care, shall contribute 60% of any pension, social assistance and bonus receivable, net of income tax, and 60% of any other income received during the calendar years immediately preceding the year in which the assessment of such other income is made for the purposes of these regulations, net of income tax.


Also, on account shall be taken the value of any property (excluding the house of residence) which is or could be invested or put to profitable use, excluding furniture, jewellery and other personal effects. The value of the property shall be treated as providing an annual income equivalent to 5.5% of its capital value.


So however that such contribution made by the resident shall not be such as to leave the resident with less than € 1,397.62 per annum at the service user’s disposal.


The contribution from a person who was a resident before 3 January 2004 will not exceed € 31.45 per day or be such to leave such resident with less than € 1,397.62 per annum at the service user’s disposal.


Back Office Process:

The application is then transferred to the Medical Office in Karen Grech Hospital, Gwardamangia Hill, Pieta’. (Tel: +356 25575102).


Communication is held between the officers of Karen Grech Hospital and the applicant in order to fix a suitable time for the assessment to be made by a multi-disciplinary team. This team is made up of medical doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers.


If the applicant is unable to leave their home because of illness or injury, an assessment will be scheduled at their home. The aim of this assessment is to determine what level of health services is needed by the applicant and the priority level. During the assessment, one is also given advice on health services available within the community that might be necessary. The team analyzes these aspects:


  • Details about Medical Conditions;
  • Difficulties arising because of Dementia;
  • Mobility and Dependency Levels; and
  • Amount of help from relatives.


Using this information, the multi-disciplinary team then recommends the proper level of care needed, depending also on the medical condition as well as the dependency levels. The team also gives its recommendations with regards to priority and urgency of the case. The multi disciplinary team also fills in a Long-Term Care Assessment Report which is filed with the application.


Every case is treated on its own merits. The waiting process for admission once application has been submitted will depend on the urgency of each situation and also on bed availability.


Further information can be found on the following link:



Department for the Elderly and Community Care
Centru Servizz Anzjan
3, Old Mint Street,

Telephone: +356 2557 5000 / +356 2557 5101 / +356 2278 8802
Fax: +356 2557 5200


St Vincent De Paul Residence

St Vincent De Paul Residence (SVPR) is the largest residential care home in Malta, it is a hybrid between a nursing home and a hospital. Importance is given to support the activities of daily living of all residents, giving particular attention to nutrition, mobility, personal hygiene and social and spiritual activities. The holistic care approach applied caters to the well being of every resident from a physical, psychological, social and spiritual point of view.


The health and social care services at SVPR are of high standards and are provided by a myriad of health care professionals and employees that ensure the quality of life of residents. The multidisciplinary health care professional and non caring staff manning the residence accounts to a population of 1,090 employees. The residence is a Public funded entity, with the residents’ contributing 80% of retirement pension and 60% of other income.

The daily visiting hours are from 10am to 8pm;


Amongst the services provided are:


  • Encouraging service users movement around the premises including gardens;
  • Residents are encouraged to attend for special family occasions;
  • Residents can avail themselves from the internal laundry service;
  • Personal clothing is to be permanently marked – please make sure that this does not fade away when washed;
  • The menu offers a wide variety of servings for the residents to choose from;
  • Room relocation can be done when clinically indicated;


Medical Services 

St.Vincent de Paul offers a 24-hour medical service through the resident medical officers under the guidance of their respective consultants. Routine medical assessments and interventions are carried out at SVPR and most medical problems are normally dealt with in-house. Surgical, orthopaedic and complicated medical problems are referred to Mater Dei Hospital.

Dental Services 

An in-house dental service is provided by 2 dentists, a dental hygienist and 2 dental technicians. Screening and management of dental problems are done in-house. The dental service ensures early interventions in mouth problems for the greater benefit of the residents.

Pharmaceutical Services 

An in-house pharmaceutical service is available. Older persons resident at SVPR are afforded free medication against a medical examination and prescription.

Physiotherapy service 

This department aims to provide the best possible physiotherapy services to SVPR by `offering patient assessments, treatment planning and provision of service within an inter-professional team environment. Periodic screening of Residents/Patients in Residential Care Settings to ensure full coverage of Physiotherapy Care provision

Occupational Therapy services 

The Occupational Therapy (OT) department offers occupational therapy services to older persons as part of the rehabilitation team and so attends for ward rounds and liaises with the other team members as need be. Home visits are carried out with the aim to give advice on adaptations or changes needed in the home in order to maintain independence and promote safety. Contact with carers of older persons still living in their home is considered indispensable.
A holistic approach is taken to help clients achieve their maximal potential. For this reason, apart from individual and group therapy sessions organized by OTs, various activities are offered for a vocational and leisure purposes to promote social interaction and improve residents’ quality of life. Purposeful activities are also provided to maintain or upgrade clients’ functional performance in activities of daily living.

Podiatry Service

Podiatry services are offered to all residents at SVP. An initial assessment is done on admission and subsequent follow-ups are carried out by the various podiatrists at ward level. Apart from the normal and routine aspects of assessment and advice on foot care, podiatrists offer an essential service regarding tissue viability.

Speech Therapy Services 

The Speech Language Department identifies creates awareness and provides prevention programmes in order to optimise accessibility to information and services, developing a more supportive environment to improve overall communication and swallowing abilities of service users.

Social Work Services

The Appogg Social Work Service at SVPR focuses on the psycho-social needs of the service user while assuring their well-being. The Social Worker in this setting serves as a point of reference; helps service users adapt and adjust in the residence; identifies problems of a psycho-social nature faced by the service user independently or together with their families / carers; motivates and empowers the service user to cope with their social problems whilst continuing to live an active and independent life as much as possible.

Customer Care Unit

Is situated on the right side on entering the Main Gate of the residence, at ground floor level. This Department is available to answer any questions or address any concerns about care, treatment or services provided at St Vincent De Paul Residence. The Department is open seven days a week from 7am to 7pm.


Further information can be found on the SVPR Website:



St Vincent De Paul Residence,

Ingieret Road,


Telephone: +356 2372 2373 / 2448



Following is a list (in alphabetical order) of other Government Homes:

Bormla Home (Managed by Caremalta)
​Address Bormla Home of the Elderly​
Santa Margherita Square
Bormla. BML 1201
​Contacts Tel. Reception: +356 2182 3234/3235
Tel. Office: +356 2182 3239
Fax: +356 2182 3240
​Capacity 130 Residents​
Floriana Home
Address Dar il-Mistrieħ
Emanuel S. Tonna Square
Floriana. FRN 1480​
​Contacts Tel:   +356 2123 7619/7659
Fax: +356 2125 5504​
​Capacity 46 Residents​
Mellieħa Ħome (Managed by Caremalta)
​Address Dar il-Madonna tal-Mellieħa
Triq il-Wied
​Contacts Tel: +356 2152 3364
Reception: +356 2152 4444
Fax: +356 2152 1658​
​Capacity 180​ Residents


Mosta Home
​Address Elderly Centre Mosta
Triq id-Dawr
​Contacts Tel: +356 2143 2720
Fax: +356 2141 7075​
Capacity ​68 Residents
​Address Msida Home for the Elderly
Triq l-Irmiġġ
​Contacts: Tel: +356 2125 0611/0612
Fax: +356 2125 0610​
​Capacity ​64 Residents
Zammit Clapp (Managed by Caremalta)
​Address Zammit Clapp Residential Home
Reggie Miller Street
San Ġiljan​
​Contacts Reception: +356 2131 3004
​Capacity 129​ Residents


Zejtun Home (Managed by Caremalta)
​Address Home of the Elderly
Triq Daħlet San Tumas
​Contacts Tel: +356 2180 5702
Fax: +356 2180 5705
​Capacity ​204 Residents


Licensed Long Term Residential Complex Care Wards 


Jean Antide Ward (women) ;
St. Bernadetta Ward(men & women);
San Gorg Preca Ward (women)
Mount Carmel Hospital
Address Triq L-Imdina,Attard
Contacts Tel: +356 21415183
Customer Care
Christine Farrugia
Tel: +356 2330 4009
Manager Nursing Services
Marianne Bonello
Tel: +356 2330 4026
Male Geriatric Ward
St. Anna Ward
Gozo General Hospital,
Address Victoria,Gozo
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: +356 21561600

Public Private Partnership Homes

Public-Private partnerships home involve contractual agreements within the national government and the private-owned elderly homes.


A List of Public-Private Partnership Homes:

Age Concern
Central Home Independence Avenue,
​Address Mosta, MST 9028
Malta, Europe
​Contacts Tel: +356 21434179E-mail:

  • Round-the-clock Nursing care for the Elderly
  • Experienced, qualified nurses and trained care workers
  • Medication
  • Assisted bathing
  • Meals to satisfy individual tastes and diet specifications
  • Internal and external activities.
Casa Arkati (Mosta)
CareMalta Group Ltd, The Three Arches,
​Address Valletta Road,,Mosta – MST 9016,
Malta, Europe
​Contacts Tel:  +356 2258 4200
Fax: +356 2258 4230

Casa Leone (St Julian’s)
Sacred Heart Avenue,
​Address St.Julians, STJ 1432
Malta, Europe
​Contacts Tel: +356 21344306


Casa Serena (Buġibba)
Sir Luigi Preziosi Square
​Address Bugibba, SPB 02
Malta, Europe
​Contacts Tel: +356 2157 7897 / +356 2157 7915
Services:• Care-workers and nurses in continuous attendance.
• The doctor of your choice.
• Receptionist and security personnel.
• Constant cleaning services.
• Personal laundry at your request.
• Electronic nurse-call systems.
• Daily mail and newspapers.
• Regular celebration of the Holy mass.
• A spacious chapel.
• Option for physiotherapy.
• Options for dental and ophthalmic visits.
• Hairdresser and beautician on request.
• Hand rails in all corridors.
• Safety support rails in all restrooms & bathrooms.
• Closed-circuit televisions monitoring common areas.
• Supervised hydrotherapy pool.
• Two passenger-lifts providing easy access to all floors.
• Large dining areas.
• Spacious Common Room with open views and cable television.
• Telephone and television in each room.
• Fully air-conditioned common areas.
• A very large patio.
• Regular, supervised, outside excursions.
• In-house activities.
Dar Sant’ Anna (Senglea) Address Cornelio Dingli Street,
Senglea, ISL 1420
Malta, Europe
Contact Tel: +356 21827710


Dar Saura (Rabat)
Triq Nikol Saura,
​Address Rabat RBT 9040
Malta, Europe
​Contacts Tel: +356 21454595


Holy Family Home
48, Triq il-Markiz Scicluna,
​Address Naxxar, NXR 2069
Malta, Europe
​Contacts +356 21 438025


Roseville (Attard)
Address CareMalta Group Ltd,The Three Arches,
Valletta Road, Mosta – MST 9016,
Malta, Europe
​Contacts Tel:  +356 2258 4200
Fax: +356 2258 4230


Villa Messina (Rabat)
CareMalta Group Ltd, The Three Arches,
​Address Valletta Road, Mosta – MST 9016,
Malta, Europe
​Contacts Tel:  +356 2258 4200
Fax: +356 2258 4230

Private Homes

 A List of Private Homes


Casa Antonia
Pope Alexander VII Junction,
Address Balzan, BZN 1530
Malta, Europe
Contact Tel: +356 21496277 / 21470659 / 21470661 / 9985 8797
Email: :

  • 24 hour care by qualified nurses and carers
  • Staff trained in special needs of seniors
  • Nursing call systems in every room
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • The possibility to keep your own doctor
  • Help with medication management
  • Regular visits by medical specialists



Charian Residence
Salini Road,
Address M’Scala
Malta, Europe
Contact Tel: +356 2163 6392, +356 (9) 9805 554


Marina Palace
Msida Seafront,
Address Msida
Malta, Europe
Contact Tel: +356 2123 8712


Medina Home
106, Labour Avenue,
Address Rabat,
Malta, Europe
Contact Tel: +356 21454858 / +356 21454908


Sa Maison
22, Triq Ix-Xatt
Address Pieta’ 9047
Malta, Europe
Contact Tel:+356  27 241 907 / + 356 21 251 951 / +356 21 241 907E-mail:
Services:• Doctor on call 24 hours a day.• Accommodation for short or long term.• Available for days or nights.• Accommodation in single or sharing rooms• All with private bathrooms.• 24 hours care assistant with qualified & dedicated staff.• Passenger Lift System.

• Garden area.

• Alarm call system in each room.

• Home cooking.


St. Marks Residential Home
Address C/o ST. Mark’s Clinic, Clearance Street
Msida MSD 1292
Malta, Europe
Contact Tel: +356 21239488 / +356 99493033


St. James (Capua)
Geriatric Ward Lower Ground Level,
Address George Borg Olivier Street,
Sliema, Malta, Europe
Contact Tel: +356 2329 1000


Villa Robinich
Triq il-Kuluvert,
Address Fgura
Malta, Europe
Contact Tel:  +356 21800156 /+356 21666142

  • 24hr Care Assistant with Qualified and Caring Staff
  • Doctor on call 24 hrs
  • Laundry
  • Podiatrist
  • Hairdresser
  • Home Cooking
  • Accommodation for Short  and Long Term


Villa San Lawrenz
Triq Cangura,
Address San Lawrenz, Gozo
Maltese Islands, Europe
Contact Tel: +356 21564645

Church Homes

A List of Church Homes 

Apap Institute
St. Joseph Institute Rd.,
Address St.Venera, SVR 1016
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: +356 21454893
Dar il-Ħanin Samaritan
Triq il-Palazz l-Aħmar,
Address Santa Venera SVR 1453,
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: +356 2144 4702 / 2147 0683
Dar Madre Margerita
29-30 Main Street,
Address Qormi
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: +356 21441121
Dar San Pietru
9/11 Sir Ugo Mifsud Street,
Address Lija
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: (+356) 21442545
Dar Trionfi
Triq Sant’Orsla,
Address Victoria, Gozo VCT 1771
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: +356 22155647
Dar tal-Kleru
Christus Sacerdos,
Address Anġlu Grima Str., Fleur de Lys
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: +356 21441670
Pax et Bonum
111, Triq Ġlormu Cassar,
Address Mosta MST 4113,
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: + 356-21-433-907 / +356-21-434-319
Porziuncola Home
Father Edgar Street,
Address Mġarr
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: +356 21454893
St. Domenic Home
Triq Enrico Mizzi,
Address Victoria, Gozo
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: +356 21557520
St. Paul’s Home
Little Sisters of the Poor,
Address Hamrun
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: + 356 21237639
St. Theresa Home
3, Castle Hill,
Address Victoria, Gozo
Malta, Europe
Contacts Tel: +356 21 556469