The urinary incontinence is defined as the involuntary and not controlled loss of urines in not possible social conditions. It is a clinical situation that not influences the duration of the life, but the quality of life, conditioning deeply the social relationships.

The urinary incontinence is a pathology related to the organic deterioration of the functions typical of the senile age.

The old persons are affected by the so-called “incontinence from urgency”: that is the involuntary loss of urine provoked by an urgent need (that’s why the name) to urine. It happens when the brain receives signals to empty the blister and cannot avoid the minction. The urination becomes frequent and little abundant.

The persons affected by urinary incontinence have the right to receive the necessary aid to control and manage from the National Health Service – it is necessary a request through the family doctor.

The hygiene is fundamental for all those who have urinary incontinence. We must remember that the irritation due to the urine, added to the rubbing of the napkin or other not adapted aid, can easily cause cutis irritations until forming ulcerations and sores. Fundamental is, therefore, that the old patient with this problem is frequently changed and that skin is regularly hydrated with appropriate creams.

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