As a carer you may worry that your loved one cannot attend important appointments if you are not available to take them yourself. You may also be concerned that while you are at work or fulfilling other commitments your loved one is at home alone for long periods. It may be reassuring to know that a number of assisted transport services are available for older persons.


These include transport to and from Mater Dei Hospital as well as a private company which provides door-to-door transport so older persons can run errands, go shopping, attend social gatherings and so on.


Below you will find more information about the above-mentioned services.


Mater Dei Hospital

The hospital arranges transport for the service user from their home to the hospital and from the hospital to their home.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Wheelchair patients.
  • Patients discharged from hospital.
  • Elderly without transport available.



The service user needs to follow up their appointment two days before in order to confirm it.



Mater Dei Hospital,

Msida MSD 2090,


Telephone: +356 2545 0000

Fax: +356 2545 4154



Private Companies



TDP was established to help fill the gap by providing a fully accessible, door-to-door van service for people whose circumstances limit their personal mobility. We are Malta’s leading special needs transport co-operative and work with both local governmental institutions, the private sector and even individual clients.


Day-To-Day Errands

  • Supermarkets / village Grocery stores
  • Shopping malls and department stores
  • Hair salons and barber shops

Medical Appointments

  • Physician offices (private practices, private hospitals or local government centres)
  • Medical or Disease treatment centres (chemotherapy/radiation, dialysis, etc.)
  • In-Patient and Out-Patient surgery
  • Physical therapy clinics
  • Prescription pick-ups from all local pharmacies.

Community Events/Activities

  • Family reunions and holiday gatherings
  • Senior living facility activities/trips
  • Religious gatherings
  • Local libraries
  • Weddings



TDP, Amerena Court, Flat 1

Victory Street

Qormi QRM2500


Telephone: +356 21466606

Fax: +356 21466607

Mobile: +356 77466606 (24 hours)