If you have a loved one living in their own home but who is not fully independent, knowing their basic needs are taken care of when you are not available can be a huge relief. There are a number of services you can make use of to ensure your loved one is eating well, has help around the house when needed and which can provide emergency assistance on call.


Not only do these services allow older or less mobile persons to feel more independent and secure but they can provide a relief to carers who cannot be available as much as they would like.


A list of the services offered can be found by clicking on tabs at the side:

Meals On Wheels

The scope of the Meals on Wheels is to support elderly persons and others who are still living in their own home but who are unable to prepare a decent meal. The Maltese Cross Corps (a non-governmental organization) in collaboration with the Department for the Elderly and Community Care provide these individuals with a cooked meal.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Persons over sixty years of age
  • People with disability who are unable to prepare their own meals.



The person who fulfils the eligibility criteria to benefit from this service can phone up directly the Meals on Wheels Service and the necessary application form will be sent.  A reference letter from a social worker is required if the applicant is not 60 years old but is unable to cook.


Fees:  Each meal costs € 2.213. Payment can either be effected by the recipient upon delivery of the meal or else can be forwarded to the Head Office of the Maltese Cross Corps.


Back Office Process:

The application form is sent to the Unit responsible for Meals on Wheels. Such application is kept and filed and confirmed by phoning the service user. Details of the service, including a menu, are sent to the service user, ten days before the delivery date of the required meal. A daily list is given to the drivers who deliver the meals. In addition, service users are regularly checked upon to confirm their health status.


Telecare Plus

The Telecare Plus Service enables the subscriber to call for assistance when required. It aims to provide peace of mind to older adults, disabled persons and those with special needs, thus encouraging them to continue living in their own home. Telecare Plus is also a source of reassurance for the service user’s carers and relatives.  It also provides the subscriber with the possibility of calling for help from the police, health doctors or relatives.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Elderly couples/persons living alone aged sixty years and over.
  • Disabled persons and those with special needs.
  • Persons of any age who succumb to chronic systemic illnesses, are living alone and are not gainfully occupied.



The person who fulfils the eligibility criteria to benefit from this service must call +356 21483600. Any queries with regards to the Telecare Plus service may also be made via this number.

Required Documents:

  • ID Card
  • The pink form (which must be renewed yearly and subject to availability)



This service is highly subsidized. No administrative fees are incurred in applying for this service. However, the applicant must pay the Telecare Plus rental fee, which is €4 a month incl. VAT, if the following criteria is not met.

  • 60 years or over;
  • in possession of the pink form;
  • lives totally alone or
  • with two or more elderly persons


Any queries with regards to the Telecare Plus Service may also be made on telephone number: +356 21483600

Handyman Service

The Handyman Service offers a range of around seventy repair jobs that vary from electricity repairs to plumbing, carpentry and transport of items.  The objective of this service is to help older adults and persons with special needs to continue living as independently as possible in their own home.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • All senior citizens.
  • Those holding a Pink form issued by the Department of Social Security are entitled to this service free of charge, while those not holding a pink form can receive this service against a payment.
  • Persons who hold the Special Identity Card issued by the National Commission for Disabled Persons.
  • Adult Training Centres, Homes (excluding St Vincent De Paule) and Day Centres.



The Person who fulfils the eligibility criteria to benefit from this service can phone up directly the Handyman Service. Documents required are an Identity Card or Over 60 (Kartanzjan), or Special ID Card or the Pink Form.


Application Forms:



Is rendered free of charge to senior citizens holding the Pink Form and Special ID Card. Non-Pink Cardholders, on the other hand, are entitled to receive this service at a nominal fee. Rates vary according to the job required. Upon completion of the job the service user pays the handyman who performed the task. The latter issues a temporary receipt and an official receipt is subsequently issued from the Department for the Elderly and Community Care. Both Pink Cardholders and Non-Pink Cardholders are required to provide the necessary materials at their own cost.


Back Office Process:

The Handyman Centre receives application for this service. Details of the service required are then forwarded to the foreman who, after making the appointments with the service users, distributes the work amongst the handymen. Priority is given to emergency cases. Usually a job is carried out within five days of application. All details are kept on a computer system and the number of times a service is provided to an individual is also recorded. Upon completion of the work, the service user must sign a sheet indicating whether the work was done satisfactorily, or whether it was not done at all. If the service user is not satisfied the job must be done again. Any complaints are dealt with directly by the Department.


Further information can be found on the following link of the Parliamentary Secretariat for Rights Of Persons With Disability And Active Ageing:




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