C.2. Financial Aspects


This is a general overview of the contents in the Support given by the Maltese State.  Section C will be divided into two parts:

  •  Legal position and
  •  Financial aspects – This section of the Financial aspects consists of five (5) parts.  A summary of these is detailed below:


C.2.1. Insurance and State Benefits


If you are a full-time carer of a family member, you may be eligible to receive a monthly allowance from the government. These are the ‘Carer’s Pension’ or the ‘Social Assistance Carer’s Pension’. A number of conditions apply which would determine if you are eligible for such benefits and it is important that you understand and are very clear as to what you’re entitled to. This would allow you to provide the best care possible for your loved one whilst ensuring you can also afford to take care of yourself and your needs.


Please see below for more information related to:


  • the amounts of allowances the carer may be entitled to;
  • conditions and eligibility criteria as outlined in various parts of the Social Security Act, Cap 318;


C.2.2. Tax Breaks


If you are an older person who is dependent on care or someone who cares for a dependent family member, a number of tax breaks and deductions as well as various facilitations for acquiring specific goods and services are available. It would benefit you to know what these are and determine if you’re eligible to make use of them.



C.2.3. Costs of Caregiving


As you may be aware, a number of services exist which provide care and support for older persons and those caring for them. Some of these services are provided by the government at no cost or at a subsidized rate whereas some are private services which require payment. It is important that you are aware of the full range of services available as well as the cost, if any, of such services. This would allow you as an older person, or the carer of an elderly relative, to make the best use of what is available and choose the services which you can afford. Once this has been determined it is important that you learn more about these services and how you can go about applying for them.


C.2.4. Private care and Supplement Insurance


As a dependent older person or someone caring for an older relative, health and medical care is bound to be a priority at this time. Therefore, it would be helpful to get to know more about the different types of health and medical insurance available, the benefits of such, as well as the cost. Insurances are provided by the national health system as well as private companies and it is up to you to decide, based on the information provided, what suits you best in terms of the care and benefits provided as well as your individual budget.