As you may be aware, a number of services exist which provide care and support for older persons and those caring for them. Some of these services are provided by the government at no cost or at a subsidized rate whereas some are private services which require payment.


It is essential that you are aware of the full range of services available as well as the cost, if any, of such services. This would allow you as an older person, or the carer of an elderly relative, to make the best use of what is available and choose the services which you can afford. Once this has been determined it is important that you learn more about these services and how you can go about applying for them.


Further details about these services are explained under Section Caring for the Elderly – Care and Support Services Home Care.


Social Security Act, Cap 318, Part V11, 95 (1) refers to additional subsidies provided by the state to persons benefiting from home-care/home-help services provided by the state, as highlighted and quoted ad verbatim below:


95. (1) A person who is benefiting from home-care/home-help services provided by Governmentas are described in article 131(1)(a)(iii) and who is at the same time receiving any pension, including a Widow’s Benefit, or Social Assistance payable under this Act, shall, during the whole period within which such person is benefiting from such services, have his pension or Social Assistance abated by €2.33 per week or, where such services include the preparation of meals, by €3.49 per week; so however that, where such services are being rendered to a married couple who are living together and of whom only one is in receipt of a pension or Social Assistance that pension or Social Assistance shall be abated by €3.49 per week or, where such services include the preparation of meals, by €5.24 per week.


Services offered to the elderly through the Home Care Help Service Department include:[1]

  • Telecare Services (this service enables the subscriber to call for assistance whenever required);
  • Handyman Service (this service offers a range of around seventy repair jobs which vary from electricity repairs, to plumbing, carpentry and transportation of items);
  • Incontinence Service (this service is provided to persons who have been medically proven to be suffering from incontinence and diapers are provided at a highly subsidised price)
  • Meals on Wheels (the scope of the Meals on Wheels is to support elderly persons and others who are still living in their own home but are unable to prepare a decent meal);
  • Home Help (the home care help service offers non nursing, personal help and light domestic work to older adults or persons with special needs. It also provides respite and support for informal carers);


One may apply for any or all of these services by filling in an application which can be collected from the Home Care Help Service at Centru Hidma Socjali, 469, Triq il-Kbira San Guzepp, Santa Venera.


Further information as to eligibility criteria and additional details of the services and other issues can be obtained through their very detailed and clearly defined website: