As a dependent older person or someone caring for an older relative, health and medical care is bound to be a priority. Therefore, it would be helpful to get to know more about the different types of health and medical insurance available, the benefits of such, as well as the cost. Insurances are provided by the national health system as well as private companies and it is up to you to decide, based on the information provided, what suits you best in terms of the care and benefits provided as well as your individual budget.


Malta’s accession to the EU implies providing state healthcare to EU nationals visiting the Island and requiring state healthcare services, upon presentation of a European Health Insurance Card, which can be obtained from the Department of Health in Merchants Street, Valletta.


Persons wishing to obtain a private health or life insurance are given this opportunity by calling at any private insurance company and enquiring about the services or schemes available. Different private companies offer different health care schemes designed to enable the client to access the best medical care cover at the most viable and advantageous premium payment possible.

Schemes may include:[1]

  • Basic Scheme which offers in-patient cover only;
  • Hospital Scheme which offers in-patient cover only;
  • International Scheme which offers cover on a worldwide basis excluding USA and Canada.

Or as outlined in another Health Insurance Healthcare Agency:[2]

  • Private Clinic Plan which covers mainly outpatient treatment and minor surgery;
  • Private Hospital Value Plus which covers full refund and in-patient treatment plus out-patient CT and MRI scans and GP cover
  • Private Hospital Plan which offers full refund in Malta and limited overseas benefits.

It is relevant to note is that Private Health insurance accounts for just over 2% of the total health care expenditure.[3]




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