If your loved is losing autonomy and he/she is in need of your help in daily activities, providing enough and appropriate support could be difficult for you and your family…More
Helping a loved one move into residential care is often one of the most important and difficult decisions you’ll ever be involved in…More
When caring for a loved one, many of us are faced with the prospect of revising our living arrangements. If you feel overwhelmed by home upkeep, cut off from transport and social amenities, or simply want more companionship with others, an independent living facility may be a good option for the cared for person…More
In Scotland there are different types of specialised assistance available for dependent older people living in the community and with limitations on Activities of Daily Living (ADL’S) these include equipment and home adaptions, telecare, care and repair services and continence care services…More
In some cases care and support public services are not sufficient to take care of your loved one, so non-profit and voluntary support services might provide some additional and complementing help such as helplines, home care services…More
Counselling aims to support someone in expressing their thoughts and feelings about what is happening in their life…More
Breaks or time off from caring to take part in community activities are vital. Whether it’s an hour every day or a couple of hours a week, we all need some time to ourselves, and carers are no exception…More