When you expect a child, the community (your family, friends, co-workers) rally around you and your spouse. When you expect your first child, you receive gifts…More
I am exhausted and extremely tired but I have not had a good night’s sleep since we moved. Everyone tells me to stop worrying, things will work out etc…More
Being a carer sometimes makes it difficult to take care of yourself. Priorities are changing as the disease progresses and looking after yourself takes usually last place on a long list of heavy duties…More
Stress is part of everyday life and, for many carers, stress can be a major factor affecting their health. Stress is caused by the many demands made on our time and energy and the expectations we have of ourselves…More
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I think caring for a relative that you love very much developing an illness like this is really, really hard at times, I felt mum was moving away from me all the time and it became harder and harder to almost keep a hold of her…More