Have you ever thought to reduce hours at work or even to leave your work because of caring?


Working while caring isn’t an easy task. Employers and fellow employees might just not get it!

Trying to be on time with work tasks and  to be also a devoted carer generates stress, not always easy to manage.  A key factor to reconciliate work and care is to raise awareness among your colleaques and employers. Sometimes people do not realise what you are going through, they need more information! Work and care reconciliation is the topic of this section. You will find advice on this challenging issue.


Currently there are over three million working carers in the UK. It may feel as if you are juggling two jobs when you are holding down a paid job and caring for a friend or relative but work can be important for your well-being, income and for maintaining social contacts…More
Susan starts her day at 5 a.m. so she has a few moments alone to write in her journal. Then, it starts: Getting ready for work, waking her mom, waiting for the home health aide, updating the aide on the previous night…More
If you are thinking of leaving work it is important to consider the full implications. Think about the things you would be giving up, and whether you really want to lose them…More
If you have given up work (or not worked at all) because of your caring responsibilities you may want to work or return to work once your caring role ends, or you may decide you want to combine care with work…More
Juggling work and care is a challenge facing many people. As a carer, you have employment rights that can make this easier, and there is support available to help you continue both working and caring…More
Caring for a relative is often unpredictable and care arrangements can be complex, so you will need to talk to your employer about your concerns and commitments. If you want to work, it is in your employer’s best interest to consider making reasonable changes to your work pattern to help you work and continue caring…More