Private Health Insurance

The Health Insurance Authority is a statutory regulator of the private health insurance market in Ireland. The Authority also provides information to consumers regarding their rights and health insurance plans and benefits. On their website you will find a tool to compare private health insurance plans. See the website here.


The costs of long-term care support needs are generally not covered under private insurance models in Ireland. However support is available in the form of the Fair Deal Nursing Home Support Scheme.


Fair Deal Nursing Homes Support Scheme

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme (commonly known as Fair Deal) is a scheme of financial support for people who need long-term nursing home care. Under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme, you will make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State will pay the balance. This applies whether the nursing home is public, private or voluntary. The contribution paid is calculated based on the person’s cash income (80 percent), their savings and investments (7.5 percent per annum) and their property (7.5 percent per year for a maximum of three years).

The HSE administers the Fair Deal Scheme within the resources available and in line with the Nursing Home Support Scheme legislation. Applicants cannot avail of State funding for a nursing home place prior to receiving approval of their Fair Deal application. For more information click here.