When you expect a child, the community (your family, friends, co-workers) rally around you and your spouse.More
I am exhausted and extremely tired but I have not had a good night’s sleep since we moved. Everyone tells me to stop worrying, things will work out, etc, etc.More
Being a carer sometimes makes it difficult to take care of yourself. Priorities are changing as the disease progresses and looking after yourself takes usually last place on a long list of heavy duties. More
Stress is part of everyday life and, for many carers, stress can be a major factor affecting their health.Stress is caused by the many demands made on our time and energy and the expectations we have of ourselves.More
When we are thinking of relaxation, we usually think of doing activities that we enjoy as sleeping, watching TV, going out with friends. More
The Coping with Dementia DVD is made up originally of 7 chapters and is addressed to people caring for someone in the middle to late stages of dementia.More