When you are a carer, sometimes you find yourself in a position where you try to combine different family roles: as a parent, as a spouse, as a child and as carer. Reconciliation between family relationships and caregiving is a difficult task.

In this section, we discuss situations that might raise in your family life due to caregiving. Sandwich caring, living together with your care recipient or in separate households, providing care to a member of the family that might not feel like family, trying to keep your marriage alive when a stressor like caregiving enters in your life are topics of links below.


Maria is 40 years old, has two girls, Kathy and Sophie, 8 and 5 years old and works as full time secretary in a Lawyer’s office. Recently her mother, Helen, 78 years old, was diagnosed with mild stage Alzheimer’s disease. Helen always was so independent and never wanted other people messing around.  She lives at a home nearby Maria…More
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When you care for an ageing relative, you may feel that your day is filled with trying to determine who is your priority. Your partner wants to go away for the weekend. But who will take care of Mum?…More
How do you stay in love when life seems to have drained you of love? How do you make time for the most special person in your life when your care recipient needs you for his or her survival–literally?More