Care and Support Services include a wide range of support available to yourself as a carer, and the person you care for. This section includes information about care services available within the home as well as residential care and independent living options for older persons.

Community support such as the services available for people with ADL limitations, counselling support and activities available for carers are also detailed. The type of support available to carers varies from one local authority to the next therefore the information contained in this section is designed as a guide and a starting point of finding out what is available in your local area.

Homecare services can include assistance with shopping, cleaning, cooking as well as visits from paid care workers who can assist with bathing, getting out of bed and many other activities.More
There are a number of options available when considering residential care for your loved one.More
Equipment and technology can provide independence for older people living alone. These include adaptations to the home as well as technology enabled care services (TECS) such as telecare and telehealth.More
People with long term conditions that impact on daily living are more likely to receive a combination of health services..More
Volunteer services offer a great deal of support and practical assistance to carers and the person you care for. Every local authority will have a list of voluntary services available in its locality.More
Many carers benefit from speaking with someone about their caring role. Counselling and emotional support is available in many different formats including psychological support.More
Local authorities provide community activities for carers, often through a commissioned carers centre. The type of activities available varies between each area and is dependent upon the needs of carers in each area.More