With the term hypertension we mean a blood pressure constantly over the norm. These values are around 120-130 mm Hg for the systolic pressure (“maximum”) and 70-80 for the diastolic (“minimal”). However, to have hypertension in clinical sense, the maximum arterial pressure will have to be over 160 mm Hg and the minim over 95 mm Hg.

The hypertension, even if is not an ageing specific pathology, affect in a large percentage the old population

The elevated blood pressure is, in particular, a risk factor for stroke and myocardial infarcts.

The therapy generally by generic doctor and is supported by hygienic dietetic limitations with a diet with reduced saturated fats, salt and alcohol, increasing instead potassium, calcium, magnesium and fibres and can have preventive measures as some physical activity.

In great majority of the cases the hypertension, where necessary, it can be cured with the pharmacological therapy.

Caring for someone with hypertension can be challenging as a carer has to be particularly careful to help adhere with the medical prescription, respecting the drugs administration, the diet, the physical exercise and the periodic check.

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