The pressure ulcer, best known as bedsore, can be the consequence of much pathology that forces the old person to the immobility.

It is a lesion of the skin that happens when someone has been forced to remain immovable in bed for long periods of time. The immobility, in fact, provokes a pressure extended on the tissues of the body areas in contact with the superficial support, altering the normal circulation of the blood. The tissue of the skin, not receiving the proper oxygenation, they go in necrosis and die provoking the sore.

The sores are normally formed in those regions of the body in which bones are more protruding, basin and above all glutei, but also heels and hips. In fact, keeping for long periods of time the same position, the tissues are compressed between the plan of support and the bone and they progressively deteriorate.

It is important to know that the formation of the bedsores is gradual: that’s because it is important to learn to recognise them and to be informed on the main risk factors for a timely and effective participation: the sores, if not immediately cured can cause serious consequences and, once formed, are very difficult to recover. A lot can however be made in order to prevent them: let’s see what.


Bedsores: the prevention

– The main thing is to avoid leaving the immobilized old person in the bed more than 2 hours: turn him/her alternating several positions.

If the patient is seated on the wheelchair, support him/her often to rise on the arms.

– Avoid the use of compressing blankets or sheet. The sheet has to be soft and of light material.

– Avoids inserting in the bed plastic under blanket that does not permit the skin transpiration.

– Avoid leaving sheet wet of sweat or the urine. They go suddenly replaced.

– Avoid letting him/her wear pyjama with buttons or elastic because they could produce irritations.

– Replace the traditional mattress with an anti – bedsores mattress […] and use, if the old person is seated on the wheelchair, a latex pillow or anti-sores.

– Be sure, after every meal, to not leave in the bed breadcrumbs or other residual foods that can cause skin irritations.

– Controls once a day the conditions of the skin, especially in correspondence of the bony prominences.

– Clean the cutis using emollients substances and apply on the areas at risk hydrating creams.

– Pay attention to the diet which must be balanced and hyper-caloric.

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