Assisted transport schemes are available in all local authorities however some are provided by private organisations whilst others are provided by the voluntary sector. Services provided by the voluntary sector include transport to/from the shops, doctor’s surgeries and hospitals. Many local authorities also offer discount travel passes for carers, although most only involve travelling with the disabled person.

Each local authority administers the Blue Badge scheme to provide people with a disability a parking badge that can be used in your area. The rights and responsibilities of the scheme are outlined by the Department for Transport .

The Motability scheme provides adapted transport to individuals and is linked to the receipt of a disability benefit such as the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment.

Transport For All host a helpline for disabled or older people and their website contains a comprehensive list of all transport available in London. Specific information for assisted transport in London is also available via the TFL website. The London Taxicard scheme provides subsidised transport for people with a disability or sight impairment that makes it difficult to use public transport.