Physical activity is essential for maintaining a good level of health and wellbeing, especially if you are spending many hours and efforts in caring for a person. It helps to relax the body, to gain some time for yourself and to put away stress. On the long-term, it helps to reduce also the risk of chronic diseases related to heart, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and so on.

This does not mean you have to go to gym or attend specific fitness sessions: we know how much difficult it is to conciliate your life with other, personal activities. The most important thing is to be active regularly and avoid some behaviour that might influence your health negatively.

Some tips for maintaining and improving your physical health:

  • to make it social: physical activity is funnier and better if played with others. Let’s go running with friends or making fitness in group: you can know persons and make new friends;
  • to develop a routine: being active should not be boring, but it is important to know you have specific dedicated moments in your week. This helps you both in organising your life and caring activities, as well as in being more regular;
  • to limit time dedicated to passive activities: watching TV or surfing the web are nice activities, but please be careful that they would not become your main activity in the free time. Your body needs movement!
  • to use “alternative” transports: we all know how much cars are important nowadays for doing everything. But please do not forget to use, whenever possible, also public transports and bikes. And of course, walking;
  • to increase your physical activity gradually: do not think that you can do in a single day what you usually do in two or more. Please remember that you have to respect your physical limits and not to overburn your body. If you want to do more activity, set an objective and make a plan: you can reach it gradually in a reasonable time lapse.

In any case, please remember to consult your general practitioner or a health professional if you are not sure about the type and amount of physical activity that better suits your body.

In general, do not forget to have regular check-ups and keep under control any sign coming from your body that might be related to stress or health problems. It is important to avoid procrastination of consultations and visits because your health is extremely important and nobody can substitute you in taking care of it.