Carers UK has a significant amount of information on the legal rights of care recipients within the care and support system including community care law and managing finances. A Community Care Assessments  is an important avenue through which individuals can access support.

The Carers UK website and Carers Rights Guide cover a wide range of issues such as the benefits which carers can apply for.

There are a number of support avenues available to assist with managing the finances of someone receiving care. These include Appointees for someone who lacks capacity to manage their own benefits or a court appointed deputy to manage the finances for someone who is no longer able to.

In England and Wales there is also the option for Power of Attorney which allows a person to nominate someone to make decisions on their behalf.

The Mental Capacity Act allows care recipients to plan for times when they may not be able to care for themselves..

Information and fact sheets about managing someone’s affairs are available on the Carers UK website .